Monday, November 2, 2015

My project...

KItChEn reNoVATioN PhaSe One...
September 2014 I had some time off and coincidentally the tenants down the shore moved out.  Actually they moved out two months prior, so I knew I had a great window of opportunity to finally renovate the small kitchen and do it as fast as possible. With a new tenant moving in October 1st there was no time to waste! 

Eventually I will knock down a wall and open up this kitchen into the mud room, but that would've taken some major construction so, I decided to work in phases. This is phase one and since I was the GC on the job I had to line up all the players immediately: plumber, electrician, painters. Then I went to Ikea to order their cabinets: recessed panel, creamy white cabinets that took just 3 weeks to arrive and they do an amazing installation job! I was off and running to the rest of my check list. 

Sorry to say I wasn't taking as many photos as I should've because, well...being a GC and the homeowner is time consuming people! And, the homeowner in me was kicking my GC butt! (What a slave driver!) And, now that a tenant is living there, more after photos will have to wait a bit. Below are some before and during construction photos. Here's the scoop on specs: It was a tight budget so I was thrilled to be able to use the existing charcoal 12 x 12 slate tile floors. That gave us the opp to get upgrades like Restoration Hardware's nickel pulls, polished marble subway tile backsplash, Kohler faucet with built-in sprayer, soap dispenser, stainless extra deep sink, stainless appliances, Restoration Hardware ceiling fixture and my fav...Soapstone counters!

The BEFORE (during tear-down)
There's a shot of the old built-in that I love so much and had to keep….for now until phase 2 when we'll try to incorporate it in the scheme, but let's face it….as soon as we move it, it's going to fall apart--it's 100 years old!  For now it works great. It's got tons of storage and extra counter space and charm, charm, charm.  

The old iron radiator finally got yanked out and replaced with a Beacon Morris toe-kick heater. What a great space saver! I'm finally able to get cabinets all the way to the wall by taking that out. You can see it installed to the right of the old existing breakfront. The cabinets install directly over the heater and a vent panel the same color as the toe-kick of the cabinets easily installs in front of the kick heater to make it disappear. Um...Genius. 

Once the cabinets were installed I put up various sizes of marble subway tiles from solid to marble to see which one I liked. 
I mentioned that the old built-in breakfront stayed. I put new Restoration Hardware round pulls on the doors and long pulls on the doors below.   I put up some of these paint samples to help me decide on color and decided on dark gray which has a hint of blue instead of the green toned ones. (Top sample)

I love the backsplash! This photo is before grouting, but you get the idea. And, ahhh. Soapstone counters with a softened eased edge.  I was looking at everything from quartz to granite to stainless steel. But, chose the soapstone for it's soft look and durability. A bit pricey, but perfect if you want to offer tenants an above-average kitchen yet still have it be durable. 

 Here is the built-in almost finished.
I love this gray color from Benjamin Moore! I originally painted it a light gray, but that read as a violet, so out it went. Good thing it's just paint. 
The original built-in and the school-house light kept the charming style against the modern faucet and SS appliances.
I decided to get more tile and call back the installer to tile all the way up to the ceiling. It made it that much more interesting.

One of these days I'll get a photo of the entire kitchen. Right now I'm just glad phase 1 is completed. Phase 2 which involves knocking down walls, leveling and continuing the floor and removing my lovely built-in will have to wait.  Looks great and came in under budget!

Interesting combo!

I don't normally put these two colors together.  But, how cool are they as a combo in fashion, food and mother nature? Way. Way cool. 

Credits: Lonny, Pinterest,

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hellooo my friends! It's been a long time coming and a long time gone...and I'm not referring to the old Dixie Chicks song. (Maybe it's the classic CSN&Y song?)  Anyway, I haven't posted in a while and just because I'm in the midst of doing some interesting, fun things (and grateful for every one of them) there's no excuse to ignore you and my love of blogging! Although I can't promise to be consistent I can tell you I will be back posting!

I'm happy to be back from LA in time to enjoy my fav month in NYC. I've been noticing this gorgeous soft hue everywhere and it def reminds me that summer is a-comin'! Ahhh…I can almost hear the waves crashing on the beach now.
Roberto Cavalli (I need this:)

Photo credit: Pinterest

Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh Autumn…yeah, I know it's December but….

...I just couldn't get enough of fall this year. I'm not complaining…here in NYC some days it still feels like fall. In fact, there are still colorful leaves around the tri-state. Well, there was as of last weekend anyway!

Yep, I know. This post is long overdue. But, if you knew how busy I was with my projects you wouldn't blame me.

But, I do miss posting for you…does that make up for it?

Okay, this is going back to when we had a beautiful autumn day  visiting friends at a farm near Dobbs Ferry right before Thanksgiving.

You can just smell the brisk air, the wood in the fireplace and roasted chestnuts from the photos...can't ya? Glorious day...

And here are some cozy outfits that I've been wearing and will be... throughout the winter. Now, pass me the cinnamon tea.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer sunshine….

sUmmEr lOvIN' continued
Who loves you??
The ocean peeks through in each room…!

credit: Lonny & pinterest
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